We are all good! All services up and running

Services Details Status
PayPal API Integration Payments
PayPal API Express Checkout Payments
Mercado Pago Payments
Rappi Pay API Payments
Decidir (Prisma) Payments
E-posnet (Fiserv) Payments
Square API Integration Payments
Stripe API Integration Payments
AWS Services Servers
Azure Services Servers
Glovo Food API On-Demand Food
Rappi Food API On-Demand Food
PedidosYa Food (Delivery Hero) On-Demand Food
PedidosYa Shipping (Delivery Hero) Logistics
Glovo Shipping API Logistics
Andreani Shipping Logistics
Alleata POS (Point of Sale) POS
AFIP Fiscal Service Fiscal
Moova Logistics
Git Flow Repository
Sonar Qube QA

Check this page for details on the status of our projects features and functionality

Status Key Operating Normally In process Out of Order
Last updated 01:39pm 28th November 2022

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