Shipping & payments
processing solution

Conexa partnered with Rappi to transform their delivery services with an express checkout solution that allows one-click payments.

After several design & product thinking sessions along Rappi’s team, Conexa developed all the necessary software in order for merchants (Seller or vendors) process shipping and payments with Rappi.

NodeJS | React
9 months

In 2018 Rappi launched its first digital wallet for consumers seeking to get loans or make transactions through this application. New functionalities were added to this practical business unit called Rappi pay and in 2020 the brand launched its own credit and debit cards.

Conexa has been a great tech partner for Rappi from the very beginning. They have shown outstanding expertise and support, from initial product thinking sessions to the final platform deveopment, helping us scale up our business in order to tackle new challenges in the region.

Simon Borrero, CEO & Co-Founder, Rappi

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