Marketing automation platform integration

Klaviyo is a global marketing automation platform that connects all customer data and channels in one place, allowing the delivery of customized experiences through email marketing and SMS marketing. Conexa developed quality integrations between Klaviyo’s platform and Tiendanube + Nuvemshop.

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CONEXA´s e-commerce know-how and its deep understanding of Klaviyo´s business rules, enabled the design of an efficient solution for tracking actions on thousands of stores. The integration contributes to business growth and provides an amazing User Experience for merchants, who are now able to track their orders and to maintain their clients’ data updated.

Marketing Automation
React Js | Node Js
1 month

Both Klaviyo and Conexa have worked as a family from the very beginning, and the output excelled all expectations.

We couldn’t be happier with how the project went with the Conexa team during the early stages of our platform expansion strategy. They were incredibly organized and efficient throughout the process, and always willing to collaborate with our team in real time.

Matt Serwin - Klaviyo Partnerships

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