Ecommerce platform integrations for a buy now pay later company

We developed Aplazo’s application for Tiendanube, Prestashop, VTEX and Shopify. This development allows thousands of merchants to offer Aplazo as a payment option in their checkout. Now, millions of people are able to ‘buy now and pay later’ with Aplazo at Tiendanube, Prestashop, VTEX and Shopify stores.

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Aplazo is a leading company in the Mexican fintech industry. They defined themselves as a *Buy Now Pay Later* company on a mission to unlock financial access, freedom, and opportunity for every Mexican.

NodeJS | ReactJS | Laravel
3 months

Conexa partnered with Aplazo to bring the *Buy Now Pay Later* solution to millions of people who shop at TiendaNube and Prestashop online stores in Mexico.

To make this happen, Conexa designed and developed the on-boardings experience for merchants to configure the apps on their online store. More importantly, Conexa developed all the necessary connections between Aplazo’s API and Tiendanube and Prestashop’s APIs, in order to provide a smooth and simple experience to both, merchants and customers.

The applications have a native behavior with TiendaNube and Prestashop and follow the strictest guidelines to be approved and published.

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